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The Right Choices With Oracles of Dalal Street

An exclusive show where you can learn actionable and insightful strategies from real-world stock market heroes

Every Saturday at 11 am on Samco Securities Watch Latest Episode
Apurva Sheth Apurva Sheth

Best of The
Choices with Oracles of Dalal Street

One year ago, we set out on a mission to help you make the right choices in the market. We did this by curating actionable and insightful strategies from real world stock market heroes. We are happy that we have been successful in this mission and have completed a year. You have shown tremendous love and appreciation for our efforts. In this special anniversary video we have curated major learnings from 25 guests that have graced our show.

Every Saturday at 11 am on Samco Securities

Oracles of Dalal Street
on The Right Choices Show

Kundan Prajapati Kundan Prajapati
Praful Kulkarni Praful Kulkarni
Pushkar Raj Thakur Prashant Shah
Vijay Bhambwani Prashant Shah
Prashant Shah Prashant Shah
Jyoti Budhia Jyoti Budhia
Krishna Krishna
Yashraj Singh Yashraj Singh
PythonTrader aka PythonTrader aka
Himanshu Sharma Himanshu Sharma
Indrazith Shantharaj Indrazith Shantharaj
Rohit Katwal Rohit Katwal
Mahender Pabba Mahender Pabba
Yogesh Nanda  Yogesh Nanda
Santosh Pasi Santosh Pasi
Sanket-Thakar Sanket-Thakar
Shubham Agarwal Shubham Agarwal
rajesh-srivastava rajesh-srivastava
jaynesh-kasliwal jaynesh-kasliwal
bramesh-bhandari bramesh-bhandari
ns-fidai ns-fidai
sovit-manjani sovit-manjani
rakesh-pujara rakesh-pujara
vishal-malkan vishal-malkan
JC-Parets JC-Parets
Gnanasekar-Thiagarajan Gnanasekar-Thiagarajan
Vishal-Mehta Vishal-Mehta
Kunal-Bothra Kunal-Bothra
Kunal-Bothra Kunal-Bothra
Nooresh Merani Nooresh Merani
Rajendra Paliwal Rajendra Paliwal
Vivek Gadodia Vivek Gadodia
Mayuresh Joshi Ramesh Mantri
Ramesh Mantri Ramesh Mantri
Kumar Saurabh Kumar Saurabh
CA Udipth Talera CA Udipth Talera
jigar-mistry jigar-mistry
sonam-srivastava sonam-srivastava
Kishor-Ostwal Kishor-Ostwal
prabhakar-kudva prabhakar-kudva
nirali-bhansali nirali-bhansali
Prashant-Mishra Prashant-Mishra
Tushar-Bohra Tushar-Bohra
Khushal Jhaveri Khushal Jhaveri
Prasanna Pathak Prasanna Pathak
Umesh Mehta Umesh Mehta
Jimeet Modi Jimeet Modi

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