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What are online trading platforms?

Online trading platforms are interfaces that are provided by stock brokers to their customers for the purpose of placing orders. They are usually available on platforms as a Mobile App, Web App, Desktop Application or API services.

Why are Samco’s trading platforms the best online trading platforms?

Samco provides the best trading platforms in India to its customers with premium features like:

  • Super-Fast Trading with Quick Order placement
  • Research Feed and Ideas embedded in the trading platform
  • Instant updates, alerts and notifications for all your stocks
  • Reliable trading platforms with 99.9% uptime
  • Multiple platforms on Web, App, API to trade from anywhere
  • Live Streaming Data for all exchanges – NSE, BSE, MCX
  • Advanced order types like 3 legged bracket order and cover orders
  • Advanced Charting tools with over 100+ indicators and drawing patterns
  • And a lot more!

Best online trading platforms in India at Samco

  • 1

    StockNote Mobile Apps

    • StockNote Mobile App is Samco’s flagship mobile trading platform available on both Android and iOS. Download the app for free by clicking on the links below.

      Google Play

      How to Use the StockNote App? – Check out the video tutorials for information on how to trade stocks on mobile with the StockNote App. You could also check out our blog post on how to trade stocks with StockNote.

      Key features that make StockNote India’s Best Mobile Trading App:

      • Super Quick Trading – Place a trade within 5 seconds on the StockNote App
      • StockNote Feed and Trending Notes - Get up to date information on what’s happening in the markets. Complete analytics, news and insights on your fingertips
      • Build a personalised experience – Custom Watchlist, custom feed and a lot more
      • Place Orders in advanced order types like Bracket orders, Cover Orders and BTPT (Buy Today, Pay in Two Days) orders.
      • Research Ideas at your fingertips
      • Advanced Charting with over 100+ indicators and comprehensive drawing tools
      • Live streaming data to always keep you up to date
      • Personalised alerts and notifications for your stocks
      • Personalised and bundled trigger alerts
  • 2

    StockNote Web App

    • StockNote Web is the best web application for online share trading in India and is available at web.stocknote.com. StockNote Web is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This platform is suitable for those customers who may want to trade online on their laptops but cannot access the Desktop EXE app due to corporate firewall issues or otherwise.

      Access StockNote Web

      How to Use the StockNote Web? – Check out the video tutorials for information on how to trades stocks on the web online with the StockNote Web app.

      Almost all the features of the StockNote App are available on the web platform.

  • 3

    Samco Trader - Desktop EXE App

    • If you are a professional jobber/screen trader, swing trader and rely on high speed, Samco trader is the perfect and most reliable choice for you. Samco Trader is the best desktop app for online trading in India. Samco Trader is an EXE application which can be downloaded on desktops/laptops running Windows PC as the operating system.

      Download Samco Trader

      How to use the Samco Trader EXE App? – Check out our blog for information on how to trade stocks using the Samco Trader - The best app for online share trading in India. You could also check out video tutorials on how to trade stocks on the Samco Trader.

  • 4

    StockNote Trading API

    • In case you’d like to build a full-fledged online trading platform yourself, you could do so by subscribing to our StockNote Trading API. You could quickly build your own trading application using StockNote Bridge SDKs for Java, Python and other popular programming languages.

      StockNote Trading APIs are completely FREE for registered Samco account holders.

So, open a Demat and trading account with Samco today and get access to the best online trading platforms in India.

FAQs on Online trading platforms

Can I access/use all online trading platforms provided?
Yes. Users can freely access all platforms – Web, Mobile, EXE and API once they are registered customers. However, as per regulations, at one point of time, customers can only be logged into one platform. This is done for security purposes.
Is there any additional fee for using these online trading platforms?
No. There is no additional fee is payable for accessing these online trading platforms. At Samco, the cost of these platforms is embedded in the per order fee. However, certain competitors do end up charging an additional fee for these platforms.
What can I do I’m not comfortable trading online or am unable to login online due to network, connectivity or power issues?
In case a customer is unable to connect to online trading platforms, customers can always place their trades over a phone call by contacting our centralised dealing desk at +91-22-22227777.
How do I select which trading platform is suitable for me?
As a trader, you could actually experiment with all platforms - Web, EXE and Mobile and then decide platform works best for you. All trading platforms have a standardised experience and only the mode of platform differs.
How can I quickly start trading?
Once your trading account is opened, you shall receive your account opening credentials in the welcome kit. Then you can quickly transfer funds to your trading account and once your trading account is funded, you can begin trading immediately.
What are the common tools that are offered on online trading platforms?
Trading platforms at Samco have a whole host of tools such as live streaming data, basic and advanced order types, charting indicators and tools. You can check out the key features and tools at Samco’s online trading platforms here.